Someone hacked my account

About 15 minutes ago, I got an email from Amazon explaining that they had successfully changed my email address (as per my request) from my actual email address to

Naturally, I tried logging into my account and was rather disturbed to see this new email address automatically appear in my browser when I did so. I tried the app, but even with Touch ID enabled, since my email address had changed, I was unable to get in.

A frantic Google search gave me a number of different options, none of which did not help at all. So I called them directly, and they have now actioned my account as “compromised” so nobody will be able to place any orders. I now have to wait for (unto) 24 hours for an account specialist to contact me.

While my account is not available at the moment, which prevents anyone from placing orders, they were unable to tell me how someone changed my email address without my account. I’m hoping that the account specialist will be able to tell me.

I had hoped to place some orders today, but nothing urgent, so I am not too worried about it – for now. Let’s hope that they are able to call me back, and help protect my account a bit better.


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